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Big Swing & Zipline

Graskop Gorge Lift

Lift will close for maintenance on 26/27 November 2018
Access to Gorge via stairway. Restaurant, retail and Craft centre open

Big Swing

Now incorporated into the Graskop Gorge Lift Centre, the Big Swing is the world’s highest cable gorge swing.

The experience is very different to a bungee-jump because participants are strapped in an upright position in a full safety harness. Being upright enables them to enjoy the magnificent views – that is if they can keep their eyes open as they do a 70-metre freefall at 140km/h in under three seconds.

Graskop Gorge Big Swing

If participants need to hold someone’s hand when they jump, they can choose the tandem option.

Once their hearts have stopped racing after their jump, participants get to immerse themselves further in the spectacular scenery of the gorge, waterfall and forest as they climb over 400 stairs back to the top.


Visitors to the centre who still want to get their hearts racing but who think the Big Swing is too extreme for them, can fly across the gorge on a 130m high-wire zipline.

Graskop Gorge Zipline

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